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SNAP Resources

Learn to Develop and Use Performance Assessments

SNAP offers resources and professional development opportunities to support teachers, district coordinators, curriculum and assessment developers, researchers, and others. SNAP PD focuses on training collaborative teams to develop performance assessments for NGSS, use student responses to performance assessments to evaluate students and to inform classroom practice, and many other key issues related to usingĀ  performance assessment to support implementation of NGSS.

SNAP workshops

In-person workshops cover topics ranging from analyzing students' three-dimensional reasoning to developing performance assessments for NGSS.

SNAP online courses

Free hybrid in-person/online courses on topics related to three-dimensional performance assessment for the NGSS.

SNAP presentations

Professional presentations about SNAP research and development activities.

SNAP Tools

Tools to guide the development of performance assessments for NGSS and for analyzing assessment data to make instructional decisions.